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Is your data giving you the answers you need or just more questions?

If your school is like most schools, you have a lot of data. But do these issues sound familiar?

  • Your data resides in separate systems or silos that don’t talk to each other
  • You haven’t identified the key questions you want your data to answer
  • Your data doesn’t tell the real story and critical elements are not being measured
  • Your teachers and administrators can’t easily access the data and run the reports they need
  • Your current systems simply do not provide the evidence you need to make good decisions about program changes

All your data in one place

Aspireview is a state-of-the-art, cloud-based solution that seamlessly integrates with your current data systems regardless of format or location. With Aspireview, you’ll have access to all your data and the answers you need from any device, anywhere.

Aspireview’s user-friendly dashboard provides deep reporting capabilities without requiring special technical or programming knowledge, so your data is available to all who need it in real time. There’s even a conversation feature that allows discussion and collaboration around the data and a place to store key artifacts related to your data.

Isn’t it time to make sense of your data? Contact us today.

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Aspireview for K-12  Aspireview for Higher Education
Are you relying on test scores alone when you know they don’t tell the whole story? Aspireview gives you clear visibility into all the factors involved in student success. From tracking at-risk students to telling your story to stakeholders, Aspireview will empower you to understand and use your data in ways never possible before.   New U.S. Department of Education regulations challenge teacher preparation programs to prove that their graduates become successful teachers. This reporting will require pulling data from multiple sources to provide a comprehensive evaluation of program effectiveness. Aspireview provides the right analytic systems to measure key effectiveness indicators and prepare the required reports. 
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