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Leading Edge Data Management Meets Educational Expertise

Aspireview for K-12 and higher education is made possible through a unique partnership between the Callcredit Information Group and Educational Partnerships Institute (EPI).

The Technology

Callcredit Information Group is a leading expert in managing data for businesses and organizations across every sector, from financial services, retail and utilities to public sector, telecoms, insurance and countless others. The Group’s solutions are focused on developing innovative products and services to help organizations make smarter, more informed decisions. Unlike many companies in the decision support sector, Callcredit is unencumbered by legacy technology. As a result, Callcredit can offer its clients fast deployment, cost effectiveness, and unparalleled security. The winner of several awards for technology innovation, Callcredit is ISO9001 Quality Systems and ISO27001 Information Security certified.

Enabling Smarter Decisions

Educational Partnerships Institute, LLC (EPI) works with public sector organizations to help them better collect, understand and use data for system improvement. EPI clients include the Ohio Department of Education, Columbus City Schools, Hilliard City Schools, and the University of Colorado. Dr. Lisa Riegel, EPI President and CEO, and her team are skilled in helping organizations create systems that identify key organizational values, define relevant behaviors to build those values, and construct data collection tools and protocols to measure impact and improve programming. EPI team members have presented internationally on data visualization and using data to drive decisions, gauge impact, and create evaluation systems to ensure continuous improvement.

With Aspireview solutions, the emphasis is on using data as a tool and not as a weapon. From the initial discovery phase of each Aspireview implementation, organizations transition from a compliance mentality to a collaborative commitment to reform. Through this partnership of educational expertise and groundbreaking technology, Aspireview education clients thrive as they employ customized software solutions that allow leaders to determine not only what has happened but also explain why. Armed with this information, they can design the best path forward for all stakeholders.

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