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Your Program Depends on the Success of Your Graduates

How Do You Know if They've Made the Grade?

Expectations are changing. The U.S. Department of Education, recognizing the importance of having a qualified teacher in every classroom, has designed regulations that will require colleges, universities, and state departments of education to measure and report the effectiveness of their teacher education programs. To comply with these new mandates, teacher prep programs must have the right data and analytic systems to measure key effectiveness indicators and prepare the required reports.

The problem is that the data necessary to create these reports likely resides in multiple locations and silos, and the systems don’t talk to each other. Enter Aspireview, a state-of-the-art, customized cloud-based intelligence system that links data files in disparate locations with information about students, teachers, schools and teacher preparation programs to build an evidence base for what’s working.

First Things First—What Do You Need to Know?

All Aspireview implementations begin with a comprehensive discovery phase to determine the questions you want to answer and examine the datasets you currently have. Aspireview partners with Educational Partnerships Institute, LLC (EPI), a company with a strong background in strategic planning for education using program data to drive reflection and reform. The EPI team will help your organization identify key questions about program quality, locate data to measure progress on those questions, and design what is needed to fill any gaps. This ensures you have the tools, the processes, and the answers to continually improve your program and share your story with accrediting organizations, potential students, and your school district partners.

Customized Reports Facilitate Comprehensive Analysis

Aspireview fits seamlessly into your existing infrastructure and generates customized reports on demand from any device from any location. The user-friendly dashboard provides deep reporting capabilities without requiring special technical or programming knowledge, so your data is available to all in real time. There’s even a conversation feature that allows discussion and collaboration around the data.

Armed with a clear picture of your current situation, you’ll be able provide visibility for all stakeholders—and you’ll be empowered to develop and implement continuous improvement initiatives with confidence. Isn’t that the story you want to tell?

Let us show you how Aspireview can help you meet the new reporting challenges and improve your program in the process. Contact us today to learn more.

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