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The Information You Need – The Way You Need It

Does your data empower or overwhelm you? Are the keys to your school’s improvement hidden in separate systems that don’t talk to each other? Can you easily access the information necessary to make good decisions, comply with reporting requirements, and tell your story to students, parents, and the community?

Introducing Aspireview

Aspireview is a sophisticated, cloud-based decision support system that you can use to access and analyze all your data, regardless of where and in what format it is stored. Now your staff and administrators can have critical information at their fingertips in an easy-to-navigate system they can use anywhere. From Aspireview’s user-friendly dashboard, you’ll be able to quickly and efficiently generate custom reports that contain actionable data compiled from your multiple systems and silos. No longer will you be looking at just part of the picture.

Aspireview allows you to:

  • Proactively track at-risk students
  • Pinpoint the contributing factors that lead to student achievement
  • Empower your teachers with the relevant data they need to be more effective
  • Enable your administrators to use data to make evidence-based program decisions
  • Tell your story in a meaningful, understandable way to all stakeholders

Aspireview is not just designed to identify problems—it will also show you what you’re doing right.

Beginning with the End in Mind

What is it you want to know? Every Aspireview implementation begins with consulting. Our partners at Educational Partnerships Institute, LLC (EPI) will guide you through a process to ensure that Aspireview meets your organization’s unique goals and reporting requirements. During this discovery phase, we help you identify your key questions and the data sources you currently have to answer them. This step ensures a smooth implementation and helps build a spirit of collaboration and commitment to school improvement. Once the system is implemented, we’ll provide training for your staff and offer additional support to help you interpret the reports.

A High Return on Investment

More data isn’t better. It is exhausting, confusing and often in formats that make it difficult to use. Aspireview can help you automate and align key organizational initiatives with data collection and analysis. As you use your data to make smarter decisions to improve your student outcomes, you’ll also be saving your district money. Imagine the possibilities!

If you’re ready to explore what the power of Aspireview can do for you, we should talk. 

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